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Internet radio online is a digital radio service transmitted over the Internet through the use of digital audio codec (DAVC). Internet radio online broadcasting is sometimes also called webcasting because it isn't transmitted widely over conventional radio modes. Rather, Internet radio online broadcasting can be accessed by anyone interested in receiving a broadcast, even if there's no Internet connection at the user's end. It operates similarly to AM/FM radio, with one main difference - Internet radio online broadcasts are downloadable via digital audio files (usually compressed WMA files) rather than via radio stations and conventional broadcast media.

The major difference between radio online and traditional radio stations is that Internet radio online broadcasts can be received and enjoyed without being in the presence of the Internet user. This makes Internet radio apps an ideal choice for people who travel and don't have access to conventional radio stations. In addition, Internet radio online can be enjoyed without having to download large files or take up space on a personal computer. Many Internet radio apps are just as compact and portable as regular portable music players, and they have the advantage of being capable of transmitting to a wider audience.

So what should you look for in an Internet radio online application? First of all, an online service should offer a simple listen feature so that you can quickly explore the available options and choose which ones best suit your interests. Second, an app should allow you to browse song lyrics and play songs right from your browser without having to leave your current application. Third, an Internet radio online service should provide a variety of radio stations, whether it's local or from different countries, in order to maximize your listening experience.

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Thanks! I want to add that at the beginning of the 20th century, it was believed that radio and cinema, which at that time were just beginning to develop actively, significantly influence the audience and shape their beliefs, cognitions and behavior. The theory of significant audience influence was explained by the fact that the audience was passive and homogeneous, but these ideas were mainly based on ideas about human nature, and not on empirical data.

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